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 DeZeRay GM Application

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PostSubject: DeZeRay GM Application   Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:26 pm

Name:David Zhao call me Daz for short



From:Cambodia and half Chinese (hometown and I went to Australia to study :])

Speak: Fluent English and Chinese

Why Should You Be GM?: I want to be a GM in maplestory because Im experience in GMing before in other games then Maplestory e.g. Ragnarok but not to get side tracked you should hire me because I'm hyper active I will ban hackers and scammers I will make the community a more lively place with more events happening and more players will be happy I will follow the rules as they are laid out and I shall play with the rules I will not break 1 so that is why you should hire me.

If this gets to boring I will add something fun to my app enjoy:

1. An old man is walking home until it suddenly rained he gets soaking wet everywhere around the body but his head is still dry why is this?

2. Say this without getting tongue tied :]

Betty Botter Bought some Butter
But she said the butter's bitter
If I put it in my batter it will make my
batter bitter so betty botter went out
to buy some better butter for her
batter and her batter was not bitter
so thus was better for betty botter
who bought a bit of better butter.

If you said that without getting tongue tied YOUR PRO! :]
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DeZeRay GM Application
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