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 Jamie - Karen popular world tour Seoul Station Kai Chang

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PostSubject: Jamie - Karen popular world tour Seoul Station Kai Chang   Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:55 pm

coach bagsApril 10, 2010, the British jazz singer-songwriter Jiemikalun (Jamie Cullum) World Tour in Seoul stands at AX Hall in Seoul, Korea. In addition to the new concert album, "Pursuit" (The Pursuit) in the title song "Do not let the music stop" (Don't Stop The Music), "now all is over" (I'm All Over It Now), "it was only One of the things "(Just One of Those Things) endures, but also a cover of What A Difference A Day Made music such as jazz and big show beat-box ventriloquist talents.
Live performances is extremely popular, Jiemikalun Exhibition "music naughty," the qualities, playing the piano singing, accompanied by dazzling light, causing bursts of screaming fans. Sing to the height, standing on the piano Jiemikalun unexpectedly, led the audience dancing, the atmosphere will be brought to HIGH, the entire performances Jiemikalun enough to sing a full two hours, singing all over the new album " search "(The Pursuit) in the four albums of songs and classic songs before,coach outletso fans were hooked.Jiemikalun promote new album The "search" world tour after the Seoul Station on April 13 will be performed in Singapore, then to tour in Australia and returned to Europe to tour in Germany and the United Kingdom. Jiemikalun world tour everywhere he went exceptionally popular,cheap coach bags sought after by fans, Singapore and Australia at present three performances have all been sold out, hard to get a ticket
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Jamie - Karen popular world tour Seoul Station Kai Chang
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