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 Please read first

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PostSubject: Please read first   Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:25 am

This is the same thing your gm app should look like

Name: Simon
Country: USA California
Age: 15
Race: Vietnamese
Day of Birth: 10/10/1993
Gender: Male
Are you active:weekdays 6-9 hours weekend 10-12 hours
Must contribute:
Invite people to join the server i will get at least 10+ people every 2 months
You must know all most all Gm commands: I don't know all but i know half of it
Experience: I have been a GM on EternityMS,GM on SnickerMS,and a Co-Owner on BryanMS
Why do you want to be a GM? I will be active,ban hackers,host events,help noobs, last I will help the server by donating $10 every 3 months
Why should I choose you to be a GM? I will make banners,support the server,help with any crashes,bugs,glitches.
Bonus u can do 1-4 questions and answers
Will you make banners every month? Yes,I will and find pictures to help/support the server and edit them to make it our banner.
Can you advertise? Yes,I can advertise.
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Please read first
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